Masaramilano Founder Francesca Fabris


5 Ws: who, what, when, where, and why

Intro [Who, What] Francesca Fabris is the founder and creative mind behind Masarà. Born in Milan, living in Athens but globetrotter and free spirit at heart she has a long background in fashion; from the studies at “Istituto Marangoni” to a career as Fashion Pr. In 2021, annoyed by the rhythm and consumerism of the fashion industry, she launches Masarà, a new brand based on Slow Fashion and a green approach for swimwear and lifestyle.

[When] In the spring of 2020, I started researching and studying alternative fabrics that could be used in fashion. It turned out that Italy has a lot to offer in terms of innovative materials. So I started from there. The idea of beachwear came from, and, of course from my passion for the ocean and seaside landscapes.

[Where] Italy, Milan, my hometown. All Masarà products are sourced and produced in Lombardy. The quality is exceptional and I am proud to make it available worldwide.

[Why] I felt like I wanted to embrace a different path, Masarà is my journey of exploring new possibilities and expand. I asked myself what is aesthetics and what do I expect from a product or experience. In innovation, I have always found freshness. A simple product can carry a lot of meanings; the meaning I want to find is a smart simplicity, the one we want to keep forever.