Supply Chain

The Fabric

"How inappropriate to call this planet Earth when it is clearly Ocean." - Arthur C. Clarke

Masarà is happy to be part of ECONYL® community, celebrating love for our Planet!

Masarà beachwear uses Vita by Carvico fabric that meets the Oeko-Tex standard for safe textiles and It's made of ECONYL® fiber, the exceptional Italian regenerated nylon yarn produced by Aquafil S.p.A..Their process starts from rescuing nylon waste that is polluting the planet in different environments. Their sources include old carpets, fishing nets, fibres coming from fabric scraps from mills and pre-consumer waste. After the regeneration process, the result is a new nylon-like yarn that can be endlessly recycled and reworked. It’s a brilliant solution to imagine and create the new from the old.


The Manufacturing

Every garment is manufactured in Lombardy by a local manufacturer, few kilometres away from Milan. This way the production nurtures the growth of the local economic system while reducing carbon footprint. Proximity is a key factor Masarà's sourcing process. It also allow us to pay regular visits to our garments' suppliers to talk and work together on any details of our small production.


The Tag

The collection’s tags are printed on Alga Carta paper by Favini, the innovative ecological paper born in the 90s from the algae of the Venice Lagoon, now uses excess algae from endangered lagoon environments. FSC® certified.


The Packaging

To keep its less-harm spirit, masarà comes to you in a minimal packaging.

Step 1 The garments are securely enveloped in VELA paper bags manufactured by Seaman Paper. Recyclable, durable, water resistant and transparent. FSC® certified.

Step 2 the ensemble is stored in a FSC® recycled kraft mailer box accurately sealed with the branded water-activated paper tape for extra safety! Last but not least, every funky sticker you’ll probably find are made of recycled paper for extra fun!

Step 3 when you finally receive the box it’s on you! You can keep your packaging as memento, re-use it, or simply properly recycle it in your paper bin.