Exploring cost per wear! CPW is a theory based on a simple mathematical formula that has nothing to do with science, of course! Exploring why ones should invest more in quality rather than quantity, and considering instead that the quality you invest in allows you to get more possible wears out of an item thanks to it being durable in material. Evergreen in style is a plus!

Formula = Adding the average maintenance costs (e.g., for laundry) to the purchase price of an item and dividing that sum with the number of times you wear that item. When you put a maintenance-free item in the equation, the CPW is just the result of dividing the final price and the number of uses.

That said, this formula could be an ethical epiphany for you when shopping. Considering the longevity of a purchase is a way to start thinking more about the sustainable side, asking yourself about the material you'll be wearing and how long you want it to last for you or for when you want to give it as a gift to someone you love! That means it stays away from landfills which are polluting our Planet.


What's on the stake?

It's all about the care and the look; you feel better when you're wearing a piece of clothing or accessory that you know is valuable because it's top-notch and you may keep it for a long time! And when you feel good, well, you're golden! To achieve this, quality should always be in your equation, honey.


When looking for something new to buy

Buying responsibly, making an effort towards a more sustainable world is in everyone's interest. Step by step!


Masarà goal

Offering the Capsule Beachwear Wardrobe. Made of premium quality swimwear pieces and coordinates all to mix and match. Staples for you to style in different ways over and over again!